Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What wings do you earnt so far?

Red Wings - Shagged a Virgin
Brown Wings - Arse
Rusty Wings - Shagged a bird on her period
Chicken Wings - Shagged a Chinese
Brass Wings - Shagging a hooker
Ming Hing Wings -Ugly chinese bird
E-Wings - Cybersex
BBQ Wings - Shagging Simon Weston
Manc Wings - Shagging Bird with Moustache
Scouse Wings - Shagging Bird with a curly bush
Bling Bling Wings - Shagging a ghetto ho
Lord of the Wings - Shagging a Hobbit
Shhh Wings - Shagging in a Library
Tandoori Wings - Shagging an Indian
Right Wing - Shagging a Hitler lookalike
Hospital Wings - Sex with a Nurse
Oedipus Wings - Shagging your Mam
Wing Wing! - Phone Sex
Green Wings - Outdoor Sex or sex with a food poisoning sufferer
Wing Commander - Shagging a sci-fi geek.
Wet Wings - Shagging in the pool
Left Wing - Shagging Tony Benn
Blue wings - Shagging a depressive
Orange wings - Shagged a disabled bagde holder
Burka Wings - Shagged a Muslim
Bingo Wings - Shagging a group of Grannies
Metal Wings - Sex with someone with a clitoral piercing. (NOT someone in a wheelchair)
Twin Wings - Shagged identical twins
Grey Wings (Wayne Rooney has them)- Shagged a Pensioner
Triple Wings - Participated in a threesome
Scratched Wings - Rape
Yellow Wings - Watersports / Shagged Marge Simpson
Funny Looking Wings - Shagged a clown


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