Friday, June 10, 2005

Babe of the Day - Katie Holmes

Proof that you don't neccessarily need a pair of DDs to win this title.

And here's the full photo gallery


Blogger Sarah_A said...

you did it! i knew you could!

Blogger Łãďŷ Øf Ðŗêąmš said...

God!!! Lady in red. :D

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

it was so difficult. thanks for believing in me!

lol come on what have you got against breasts!

Blogger Sarah_A said...

i just think that you men should see PAST the breasts, not just see breasts and think - what a great person. i ent really a breast person myself...

Anonymous Alina said...

i think i should be babe of the day....if i dont strangle u before you get to post it :)

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Alina - You can be babe of the year if you behave hun ;)


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