Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bill Shankly: True Working-Class Hero

He changed Liverpool's strip to all red. The red of revolution made the players seem bigger and fiercer.

He was a proper man of the people and thought it part of his job to write to fans personally and even called on fans at their homes to discuss how the game had gone. This wasn't PR puffery, this was his way. He saw football as pure working-class art; of the people, by the people and if the team failed, then he had failed the people.

He would give tickets away to fans. It's no wonder the fans adored him really. He paid them respect and took notice of them. He saw them all as part of the same thing. They all won and all lost together.

Read Full Article John Nicholson, Football 365

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's May 2009 in the Cat and Fiddle pub on Stanley Road, Bootle. Two fella’s are sitting at a table motionless, staring into their pints, Refusing to acknowledge what is being beamed out to the world on the Big Screen in the corner.

"Thought you'd have gone to West Brom lad"

"Nah, couldn't be arsed mate, i'm fed up with it………. I never thought i'd see this day when these cunts equal our League Title's record."

The screen in the pub is showing footage of Manchester United players running round the pitch with the Premier League trophy, the fans delirious knowing that they have finally ended Liverpool FC's reign as the team to have won the most league titles.

"Sickener innit? You know our problem don't ye lad, too many draws, look back to the likes of Stoke and Portsmouth at home? The week before Stoke, we beat Man U, the game before Portsmouth, we beat Chelsea away, and then we go and draw against them shite teams."

"Tellin' ye...the team and the crowd are just not up for it in them lesser league games, and we'll never mount a decent title challenge until both the team and the supporters go into these games and give it their all.....I just wish I could turn back the clock to October 2008 when we'd just beaten Chelsea and we're sittin at the top of the Prem. I'd do absolutely everything that I possibly could to drill it into our players hearts that it was our year. And if we, the supporters, believe in them and could transfer that belief from the terraces and into their minds…then we would've done it. We'd've stopped this fucking nightmare! We’d beaten the best, we just had to then beat the rest.”

“I know mate, I know….can’t turn back the time though can we. Just got to focus on next season now, see who we buy in the summer, and then hope we mount a decent challenge…..aaaah who am I kidding? We’re always out of the title race by January…can’t see that ever changing….”

The two fella’s gulp down the last of their pints and shuffle out onto the street, Sky Sports is now showing footage of the Man U game, “Beautiful Day” by U2 accompanying the celebratory scenes at the end...

…then, the music stops,

And you realize that it’s not May, it’s not 2009, it’s October 2008.

You’ve got your wish. The time has been turned back and you’ve got that second chance to make a difference.

So what are you going to do with it?

Cos I don’t wanna be sitting there watching those cunts run round whatever pitch they clinch it with their 18th League Title… FUCK THAT!

We know we, the supporters, can make a difference. I’m not arrogant enough to suggest we’ve won games ourselves (ok, maybe the Chelsea semi 2005 like) but we DEFFO make a difference.

So as long as we do our bit off the pitch, We might not be watching them horrible twats celebrating their 18th League Title come May 2009.

Singing, flags, banners, getting’ in the ground a bit early etc. Sound. No problemo.

What about something different though,

What time does our Team’s Coach arrive?

What about a proper mob of die-hard Redmen waiting on Anfield Road for the Team Bus to turn up. That could give them a bit of an edge, seeing a load of contorted faces, clenched fists and banging on the side of the coach instead of a gang of blerts with Anfield Arnie Autograph books.

Some of our younguns could get down to Melwood the training session before a game, let them know that WE mean business and we DEMAND them to mean it too.

Things like, if ye see Riera doing a bit of shopping in the Allerton Tesco, Don’t blimp his trolley to see what scran he’s just bought, Grab him and scream down his ear How important it is that we beat Fulham this Satdee!

Cos ye know what la, I’d hate to be watching that shower of bastards with number 18,
knowing in the back of me mind that there was something more I could’ve done to prevent the horror show of what we’d be witnessing.

Oh and just to re-iterate, man u could be winning their 18th League Title in May 2009.


Thanks to Gilly la


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Celebrities react to Chelsea's unbeaten record coming to an end!

Ending Chelsea's 86 game unbeated run!

Hats off to the lads - top, top performance. Made it look so easy in the second half. Chelsea looked lost, couldn't muster up a single real shot on goal even though they started brightly.

Gerrard was immense today, some lovely tackling and unlucky to get booked, Riera is proving himself a great purchase in every game, Xabi is returning to his 2005-06 form (thank God the Barry deal fell through), and Babel keeps showing the amazing potential he has, would love to have him get more time on the pitch..

Fantastic result although lets not get carried away as its still only October. Lets hope for a strong run in until christmas when traditionally our form pics up for the second half of the season.

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