Monday, October 03, 2005

Babe of the Day - Jodi Marsh

Think I'm in love.

with both of em.


Here's the Gallery


Blogger Sarah_A said...

more like slapper of the day!

Anonymous DNA Cowboy said...

No shit DAn, I'm right there with you. "All those curves, and me, with no brakes..."

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

sarah - guys love slappers - fact.

lol dna

Blogger Sarah_A said...

a slapper who's as thick as two short planks... i'd rather you than me

how about some babes of the day with, BRAINS!?

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Ok then - so who wants to see brainy chicks on here as opposed to slappers like the above?

lets find out

Blogger Sarah_A said...

ok, a compromise - brainy slappers?

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

ain't that an oxymoron though ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you know she is a slapper,cos thats what the papers say? cos being an intelligent sexy girl with morals doesnt seel papers

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

an intelligent sexy girl without morals would be lovely

Blogger Adi said...

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