Sunday, June 12, 2005

Babe of the Day - Jennifer Ellison

Steven Gerrard's ex girlfriend makes a record 4th appearance in the Babe of the Day feature. And before the female readers start tearing into her boob size, let me tell you, she's all natural.

Here's her photogallery


Blogger Sarah_A said...

don't you think she looks the tiniest bit deranged?

Blogger s said...

wow, she has an awesome body!

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

dunno.......... i think she's lovely. Stevie G surely must regret it now.

Anonymous Henna said...

she's hot.

Blogger Łãďŷ Øf Ðŗêąmš said...

dan...she is hot... and u r great.. when ever i am feeling *blukh* ur babe of the day post makes my day. U r just simple awesome.
btw...henna is hot too (A)

Blogger BeKn|GhTeD said...

lady stop hitting on vetrothed women for god's sake! but you are right, on all accounts.

Blogger BeKn|GhTeD said...


Blogger Sean said...

Dan, I'm pretty sure Stevie can get just about any lady he wants (If I was a chick, I couldn't say no, you know what I mean? OF COURSE YOU DO :-)and I have a feeling that picture is heavily airbrushed. He may have seen her in the morning, and thought she's not so impressive after all. I speak from experience. BTW, there's a rumor going around that Chelsea may come here and play D.C. United in a friendly. We shall see.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

lady - do you actually find other girls hot? i think you just might be my new best friend :)

Sean - I get ur drift man but I've seen so many of her pics and on tv and she always looks gorgeous! but then again you never know what other issues she might have you know, you can't see it all on the screen can ya.

You gonna watch chelski? tell you what you could do - convice some of the neutral supporters to sing You'll Never Walk Alone! imagine that! lol

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

by the way sean, r u saying u fancy Stevie G??

Blogger sarah said...

hahah, she looks *ok-ish*

seems to be some kinda diva, y'know. those girls who wrestle :S

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Sarah How can you say that! She's a doll! She'd snap in half if not handled with care!

Blogger Sean said...

Ok, well I'm not saying I'd kick her out of bed or allow Stevie G IN my bed, but you get the idea! IF Chelski come here for a visit, we'll be sure to give Jose a "warm" welcome. I'm not sure if he has the balls to show up here and risk being embarrassed by the likes of D.C. United! Could you imagine what the British press would say? LOL!

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Lol I think his title the 'Special One' should be changed to 'The cocky cunt' cuz thats exactly what he is

Blogger jenna said...

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Blogger Mike said...

Oh yeah shes damn hot! heres some Jennifer Ellison wallpapers I like.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous pharmacy reviews said...

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