Monday, August 15, 2005

Vida Guerra - Uncovered

You'd look at that and think - How on earth can someone have a perfect arse like that! Okay the face aint all that but come on, have you seen that arse? (Not Convinced?)

Well, here's how.

That arse has more to do with... wait... Why don't you see for yourself.

Vida Guerra - Uncovered 1
Vida Guerra - Uncovered 2
Vida Guerra - Uncovered 3

Here's when she was Babe of the Day

Meanwhile if its a lady's beeehind that gets you going, I believe you should check this out. Its all real.


Blogger BeKn|GhTeD said...

Think is without the air brushed samples, the real thing ain't all that yucky either.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

when ur bangen her up the ass it feels real boy she is so hot fuck her so hard ill give her cellulite

Anonymous Anonymous said...

psh who cares!....shes the sexiest women..aliiive..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still smoking hot.
I will take that booty over a skinny clothes hanger fashion model ANY DAY.

Blogger Adi said...

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Anonymous Viagra Online Pharmacy said...

this guys look like if they take a treatment , because they look stronger and good..

Anonymous pharmacy reviews said...

It sure is a sexy thing, great post by the way, very interesting.

Anonymous sportsbook software said...

oh it is a shame that the two links that you provided were removed, I could not see Vida Guerra, but I bet she is so hot!


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