Monday, September 26, 2005

Babe of the Day - Kate Moss

Kate Moss has come in for a lot of stick recently over her drug consumption habits - To be fair to her, everyone does it these days and to single her out is a bit unfair methinks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate Moss needs to be made an example of, not ignored because "everyone" is doing it!
That kind of defeatist attitude is a major reason why drugs are such an issue today.
If murders were as common place as drug using ... would that make murder any less of a crime and one which we should just turn a blind eye to?
Think about that 15 year old who is tetering on the edge of a drug habit that may want the glamorous lifestyle that Moss and others lead. To publicly shame her and strip her of titles should only be starting point, not condoning such behaviour.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

well said that man ^^^^

Anonymous Leumas said...

Then again, I don't think we can heap society's drug problems on her shoulders alone. Not only is it unfair, I find it ridiculous that people are taking drugs/starting to take drugs JUST because of her. IF you don't even have the sense to know what you are doing, I doubt you can resist alcohol, cigarettes etc anyway.

Then again, she could at least keep it discreet... =)

Anonymous Leumas said...

Just to clarify stuffs, I dont really dis-approve/hate people who uses drugs/alcohol/cigarettes. My belief is that its your life, do what you want. Piss it down the drain if you wish, just dont drag others in.

Besides, I do alcohol occasionally too. Cigarettes remain a no-no I can predict. Cigars? Maybe. Drugs, if I can lay my hands on them, maybe try some. Not those synthetic crap though, definitely. Do some research and you see what are those which can be tested, and those which either cant or make you feel like crap. In reality, most of it is not as bad as it seems, ignore the propaganda and do some reading to see the truth.

Also, I have some good friends who do drugs/alcohol/cigarettes or a combination of them. And I don't discriminate them just because of their lifestyle

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Thats what i think - to single her out when its a known fact that this kinda thing takes place everywhere is not on - if you wanna campaign against the use of drugs then its a good thing but the reason its gettin a bit silly is cuz its being used to sell papers, nothing more.


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