Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Babe of the Day - Kristianna Loken

A little bit of mix'n match - We'll alternate between our regular BOTDs and Bollwood BOTDs here for now as I can't find any good photo-galleries. Infact, if you know any good photogalleries for your favourite Bollywood babes, do email them to me.

Meanwhile, meet today's Babe of the Day,
Kristianna Loken


Anonymous SC Pete said...

No sooner saod than done:


Don't sweat the Bollywood Babes tag: they're all babes in any category. Just like you don't need to a nubian or older -babe section. Bring them up as you find them, just don't want you limiting yourself to choosing from just what the western world has to offer.

Some suggestions of the top of my head, if you haven't already used them:

Thandie Newton
Linda Park
Brooke Burke
Gabrielle Union
Tricia Helfer
Kerry Washington
Grace Park

Blogger Shaima said...

yo d- question, what software do u use for editing photos, etc.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

cheers for those Pete,

some good ones in that list too, and I'll go with what you're sayin about just the 'babe of the day' title.

Shimes - Fireworks and a bit of photoshop

Anonymous Leumas said...

Why fireworks? Isn't photoshop good enough for pretty much everything? I used it mainly all the time

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

I just find fireworks far more user friendly, specially when it comes to resizing, cropping images and/or adding text. I only use photoshop when I have to add some sort of effects on the pictures or change the contrast etc. Kinda use them simultaneously.

Anonymous online sportsbook sites said...

actually this is the first time I see her, he is a little bit too slim, but she is a gorgeous blond!


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