Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Banner Exchange

I have had a few requests recently for banner exchanges recently, therefore I've just updated a few of my banners, and if you want to exchange yours with me then just leave us your details in the comments, and we'll take it from there. Cheers / Dan.







Anonymous SC Pete said...

Good stuff Dan - Love that one with the flying Stork - did you find and adapt or make it yourself?

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

cheers fella

The one with the liverbird? its from the redandwhitekop forum, those fellas are making this into a huge flag, similar to the one you see these days at anfield the huge one.

Blogger Super Cool Pete said...

Well I added it and went public with my wee-blog!

Blogger Sarah_A said...

lol i'm sort of fond of my Gerrard banner ta!

Blogger Val said...

i want all of them....haahaa, except those with the beautiful ladies.

Blogger loveuamy said...

hey dan, i like the last one. do you mind if i change the size to 160x320? because all my banners have the width of 160 pixels.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

hey amy ofcourse you can :)

val LMK which one you've posted and send us an an image that I can post in return.

Sarah - lol that gerrard one is alright i forgot to update that one.

Blogger Sarah_A said...

omigosh i seem to have lost it off my blog :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me where to find a full-size pic of the two girls in headphones kissing?

preferably desktop-sized...thx.

Anonymous SC Pete said...

Hey Dan do you have a link to that image on the redandwhitekop? Looks like there might be more to it - would be nice for a wallpaper?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want to use one of mine?

I'm always coming across the pond to check your content out - outstanding...

- mike

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice :)

vida guerra playboy and
vida guerra pic

Blogger spunk mouth said...

hi DAN --

I want exchanging bid banner with you

my link:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey. Where can I download a full wallpaper of the flying stork? Coolest graphic I've seen yet. if you know a link, please post.
Thanks. Love the site!

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

here it is mate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi my name is liam oreilly i am i big liverpool suporter tht lives in bristol lol random i no but i follow then everywhere so i like to call my self a regular fan keep the pics up ther well good xx

Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Peregrine said...

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