Thursday, May 19, 2005

Babe of the Day - Shannon Elizabeth

That strip scene from American Pie ('God bless the internet') has been voted one of the top ten strip scenes EVER in an interweb poll, and quite rightly so.

Here's more of the
Lovely Shannon Elizabeth


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Anonymous Cialis said...

oh boy!!! this is one of the most sexy girl in the world, dude was a fatal when I saw the scene in American Pie, simply a bomb!!!

Anonymous pharmacy reviews said...

I can tell, this woman is the best one of the day because look at her pose ans also that face she's so perfect,I'd like to have her at home.

Anonymous Mervyn said...

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Anonymous pay per head sportsbook said...

even though I cannot see the picture you put on here, I have seen Shannon Elizabeth before and she is very gorgeous, so good choice!


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