Monday, December 26, 2005

Babe of the Day - Lucy Pinder


Blogger Sean said...

Holy Sh*t Dan! You're not messing around with this one. I think those are REAL.....are they legal? 'Pool did well today. I thought they outclassed NewC big time.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

they're all real or so i've heard!

did you watch the game? Liverpool are starting to resemble Rafa's valencia... fuckin brilliant performance should've been 4/5-0 if it wasn't for Given.

Anonymous shahid said...

Hats off to ur good taste evil boy!!!


When u look at those, life looks a lot meaningful again....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous kevinlucas said...

Lucy Pinder got too much money… WHATS THAT LUCY !!! Maybe she’s Rubbd ! its only joke … how a beatifull is rubbd??? I dont think so. So, I don’t know why Lucy is wearing a skirt made out of money but I can only assume that it’s because she likes to be treated […]

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucy Pinder Topless video

Anonymous offshore sportsbook said...

wow what a good choice for the babe of the day! I have no idea that she has to do with Liverpool or soccer, but right now I don't care anyway!


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