Thursday, April 28, 2005

Lern Yerself Scouse

As most of you who are at this site will know, the majority of people from Liverpool and its suburbs speak a little bit differently to their English counterparts. In fact some people speak 'very' differently to their English counterparts. As Stephane Henchoz once said on Liverpool's defence and their communication with each other, "we all speak enlish now so there is no problem, but Jamie Carragher, he talks very strange English!"

Therefore, I thought it only right to dedicate a part of the site to those of you who are unfamiliar with the Liverpool dialect - Scouse.

This task was first done by an organisation called Scouse Press (Lern Yerself Scouse) back in 1966 , with updated prints being published every few years.

Copies are usually available in all good tourist shops in and around Merseyside.

To give you a taste of what 'Scousers' speak like below I've listed some translations which I hope help you out or even better try out Whoohoo's excellent scouse translator right.

Scouse/skaus/ n. &adj. colloq n. 1. the dialect of Liverpool. 2. (also Scouser /'skause/) a native of Liverpool. 3. (scouse) = LOBSCOUSE. adj. of or relating to Liverpool.

WINING & DINING (or in the pub)
'Alehouse' - Public House
'Bevey' - Alcoholic beveridge
'Eees/shes paralitic - He/She is very drunk
'Ave gorra gob like an arabs flip flop' - I'm very thirsty
'Gerrim in' - Will you please got to the bar and get a round (each person within the group) of drinks in
'Bladdered' - Very drunk
'Am goin for a Jeff' - I'm going the toilet to urinate
'Scram' - Food
'Butty' - Sandwich
'Chippy' - Takeaway selling selection foods including chipped potatoes

'Cogger or left footer' - Catholic
'Proddy Dog' - Protestant
'Firebobby' - A fireman/fireperson
'Gammy andded' - A left handed person

'De Pool' - The City of Liverpool
'De big ouse' - The Vines Public House (situated in Lime Street - see Pub Guide)
'De Phil' - The Philharmonic Hall or the Philharmonic Pub (situated in Hope Street)
'Kellys's barn' - St Georges Hall
'Parly Street' - Upper Parliment Street
'Over de water' - The Wirral
'Limey' - Lime Street Station and surrounding area
'Tocky' - Toxteth (an area of Liverpool)
'Paddy's Wigwam' - The Metropolitan Cathedral

'Footee' - Football
'Got a proey' - Has anybody got a football programme


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've now got the strange urge to stack my car on some bricks, set light to it and then spray it with graffiti ... *slap* ... ah that's better.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

convict, we'd gladly do it for ya. You dont even need to ask mate ;)

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