Thursday, August 25, 2005

Champions League Draw Review - Benny C

Champions League holders Liverpool and favourites Chelsea have been drawn in the same group for the first phase of this season's competition.

It is the draw neither English club would have wanted and they will also face Anderlecht and Real Betis

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Well, it was inevitable really. We have drawn Chelsea in the first round.....Who'd have thunk it?

Still, I know that there are no easy games in Europe any more, but looking at the teams in the group we have there is an extremely good chance of going through.

Anderlecht shouldn't be a problem and we have never played Real Betis before. This leaves Chelsea (the current favourites for the title) we have proven they are beatable and, that we are capable of handing out that beating.

I don't think that Chelsea hold the fear factor over us that they did going into the semi's last season. In fact, I would go as far to say that Chelsea possibly wanted this draw less than us.

It would be great to beat them again........Keep the faith.


Blogger Dirty Dan said...

saw mourinho's comments - moaning about the draw as usual.

comments from inside anfield however, sounded much more positive.

Blogger Val said...

bring them on...he's scared.
that worm...


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