Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Things NOT to say to a woman during an argument

Whoa, time out. Football is on.
Sorry. I was just picturing you naked.
Is there any way we can do this via e-mail?
Don't you have some laundry to do or something?
You are so cute when you get mad.
You're just upset because your bottom is beginning to spread.
Wait a minute - I get it. What time of the month is it?
You sure you don't want to consult the great Oprah on this one?
Looks like someone had an extra bowl of bitch flakes this morning!
Who are you kidding? We both know that thing ain't loaded.

Got any more?


Blogger BaptizedLucifer said...

hahahaha. bitch flakes. i hate corn flakes. i hate cereal :|

here ya go:

1. Livin it.
2. Dirty Diana - MJ =P
3. I'd rather eat the jello than waste it on you =P
4. Coconutman. lol.
6. Coconut oil. eeek.
7. Can't really think of anything. Hmmm. HMMMMMM. Still nothing :|

Blogger loveuamy said...

I hate all except the first one.
I'll say: Okay, let's watch football first!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry ... I wasn't listening

Blogger s said...

i always get the "cute when you're mad" and "is it that time of the month" - i feel like KILLING the boy when he says it.

my number one WORST ever is just one word:


that's when things start flying about and a screaming match ensues, started off with: "don't tell me to relax, i AM relaxed, you f***ing neanderthal".

Blogger BaptizedLucifer said...


Blogger BaptizedLucifer said...

s: how about when they rool their eyes and say "women!" lol. thats sums it all up for them. :P

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

amy - im tryin to get my woman interested in footie - she's actually started feeling jealous of how much time im prepared to 'waste' on football that i should rather spend with her.

S - didn't know u were into li'l 'boys'! (jk) I usually say 'calm doooon' has a similar sorta reaction

lucy - u KNOW the score!

once tried the 'speak to the hand' line - totally backfired :(


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