Sunday, August 14, 2005

The first premiership saturday - Predictions for the season

The worst 3 months of the year are over and Football's back on the telly. Life feels great again.

Liverpool v Boro is actually the first game I've watched this season having missed all the CL Qualifying games as they aren't on TV here. And it brought back memories of the last time I saw the men in red, the Legends of Istanbul in action on May 25th, adding another fine chapter to the glorious history of Liverpool Football Club.

Rafa has proved himself to be the REAL special one when it comes to Europe. He still has to prove himself in the league though and I believe he will come through.

Here are my predictions for the season ahead and you can keep them to laugh at me later :)

Who will win the Premiership?
DD: Chelski

Top four in the right order, please?
DD: Chelski, Liverpool, Arse, ManUSA

Who might 'do an Everton'?
DD: Definately not Everton. Spurs probably, they'll have a good season methinks.

Which Premiership stalwart will flirt with relegation?
DD: Newcastle - Not just flirting but some heavy patting as well

Which three teams will actually go down
DD: Sunderland, Wigan and Everton

Which Premiership manager will be the first to go?
DD: Souness

Who will finish the season as top scorer?
DD: I'd like to say Cisse cuz I know he'll definately score 20+ but Henry, unless he breaks his leg in a freak moped accident, probably will score more.

Who will 'do an Owen' and force their way into England's World Cup side?

Which import is going to royally flop?
DD: Park-Ji Sung

Which youngster will be a revelation this season
DD: Neil Warnock

Which Blackburn player will be sent off first
Tied between Robby Savage / Bellamy

What will be the most exciting thing to happen at Everton this season
DD: Their relegation

Give us a random prediction...
DD: Shearer to be Toon player/manager before Halloween

Also Checkout: Liverpool Won't Make A Fool Of Me This Year... by John Nicholson


Blogger Val said...

disappointing result, wasted chances.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

much better when cisse came on but we'll need to kill it off in games like this if we're gonna get anywhere near chelski

Blogger Val said...

Agree, we should have played 4-4-2 from the start. However, Sissoko & Warnock had a good game.

Blogger Sarah_A said...

our game was a bit shite too. apart from the fight - yay! thanks for not saying West Brom will go down - we've been predicted to finish 15th or 16th this season!

god, what happened with Chelsea and Wigan yesterday?!?!?


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