Sunday, September 18, 2005

We gave them too much respect - Stevie G

``I think they will be happy to come to Anfield and get a point.'' - Steven Gerrard

Another boring draw. I'm sure I'm not the only liverpool supporter who's worried about the fact that we've only scored 1 goal in 4 premiership games now. We haven't conceded any, which makes the situation only a little better.

United came to Anfield for a point, and they got it. With ten men behind the ball it was obvious from the start that Fergie wasn't willing to take any risks in this game. Liverpool weren't too impressive either but they were the more adventurous of the two.

Liverpool came closest when with just 8 minutes on the clock Gerrard's curling free kick gave Van der Sar some nervous moments as it headed for his far post only to go wide.

Rafa has stressed that he's happy with the performance and that
goals will come. To be honest, It wasn't such a bad result if you compare the strength of the two sides, but it was the manner in which the game was played. Long balls to crouch upfront who didn't have much support - Garcia was almost AWOL. When are we gonna see Cisse & Crouch upfront together? I'm getting fed up of the 4-5-1 already!

But then again, Rafa knows better.

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Meanwhile, Roony's a loon and its official as David James urged him to seek help, Roy Keane is out for 2 months after breaking his foot and Ryan Giggs has revealed how Liverpool CL success fucked him off so much that he didn't buy newspapers for the whole week. Wot a sad cunt. Here's the interview.

And here's our tribute to the Ryan.


Anonymous Pete said...

0-0. Ah Well. Keeps the clean sheets going I suppose but they've got to start scoring some goals! That's what wins games (and other useful cliches).

Amazing how everyone likes to have their say on Baby Wayne. Still, once a yob always a yob.

Blogger Val said...

I thought Pool deserved to win this one, they were the better side among the two.

Same as you were, i'm kinda bumped when i see the 4-5-1 formation again. But i thought Rafa knows best, if we had been more attack-orientated, we might have taken the 3 points.

Another draw & we can kiss the League goodbye. Damn, Jose the Worm must be laughing his head off over the 0 - 0 scoreline.

Blogger Sarah_A said...

our game was AMAZING!

ok, it was completely and utterly crap, and we almost lost to bloody Sunderland (we travelled up and only saw the 2nd half). but Gera scored in the 94th minute and we all went crazy!

a draw is better than a loss though...

Blogger Spo said...

I think the away games drawn so far with boro and spurs are games we would of possibly lost in last season - also 0-0 with UTD who are in some serious form is a decent result I think.

I'd say that we looked tight and full of running vs UTD and it was a good performance.

Indeed if we don't start scoring in the next few matches there are problems - but so far so good - I don't think Chelsea are flying perfromance wise (UTD are playing better than them) and reckon we can beat them.

Arseanl have got probs and I wouldn't be surprised to see them draw with lowly everton tonight.

Blogger sarah said...

er, i like rooney for weird reasons i dunno myself :S

Anonymous Leumas said...

C'mon, Rooney does have his failings, but you can't deny he's England only hope of winning a match when the chips are down, and thats saying a lot when you consider he's only 19.

Give that guy a break...


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