Saturday, January 28, 2006

Babe of the Day - Pamela David

This is what the Spanish get to see on their version of Match of the Day, while we get Gary Linekar

More pics on
The Goose

MOJO has also sent this excellent collection


Blogger Mojo said...

I think her name is Pamela David

Google her and you'll see more

In fact:


Blogger Razorbuzz said...

Spanish? Argentinians rather.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi well I'm afraid you are both wrong. That tv show isn't Argentinian nor Spanish.
It's CHILEAN and It's not about football. It's about celebrities playing games and at the end of the night they win prizes and It's also kind of like a talk show.
But anyway she is hot I agree with that.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

but she DOES present the spanish equivalent of 'match of the day' doesn't she?

Blogger BeKn|GhTeD said...

Who cares what show she presents, look at what she's presenting of herself! My god, i'm moving to cpain, or chile of argentina or wherever the hell i can find women thsi beautiful dressed like this.
Wowzer, Dan, this lady deserves the no.1 babe of the day nod!

Blogger Super Cool Pete said...

Very fine lady, a google search will ensue. Hey Dan take a look out for Connie Legrand (Speed News Presenter)

Blogger La Vengadora de Palermo said...

I'm argentine girl and she is ARGENTINE!!!! model that appear first in a local reality show and then became as model/actress/etc.

This pic you have above is from a program that was recorded in CHILE last year where she was invited as many others models.

So.. it was right my friend ;) Razorbuzz

I saw her personally and has beautiful eyes and personality and etc etc beautiful body ;)


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