Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Guess who's back....back again....DD's back...Tell a friend!!

- Riise's Goal
- Garcia's Goal
- Riise Wallpaper

What a game.

I'm not gonna do a march report cuz a) i'm a bit late on it and b) you've probably read it and re-read it a few times already. I was lucky enough to be there for the game and God have i missed going to matches over the past year and a bit!

This performance, atleast the first 70-75 minutes or so of it, proved that we can compete with quality sides. If it wasn't for Djibril Cisse being an arse and giving the ball away regularly, after the defensive howler by Riise, we would've had a comparatively easier end to the match.

I remember I was talking to the bloke sat next to me at halftime, wondering what excuse Jose would come up with after the game should Chavski lose, and we got it spot on as the classless cunt that is Jose Mourinho didn't dissappoint. I'm starting to feel sorry for the real chelsea supporters. Those who've been supporting them for longer than the last 3 years. They have a good side, some excellent talent and yet their manager cannot put his hand up and say it was him who fucked up with his team selection. He'd rather blame everything under the sun and make himself, his players and his fans look like a bunch of classless idiots who view everything through the same blue tinted glasses as their manager.

In the two years at Chelsea, has the so called 'special one' achieved anything that no other manager could've achieved given the same resources? 2 out of a possible 8 trophies?

Anyways, enough on that. I'm back now after my vacation and I hope you've missed me! I know I haven't replied to any of your comments or emails but I promise I'll start doing that straight away! Thanks for all your messages and the stuff that you guys send in!

Lets get started then shall we?

oh and before I forget, congratulations to:

And to Rafa the Gaffa who was today
named as Coach of the Year for 2005 by la Comunidad de Madrid. The REAL Special One. Watching him coolly take off his specs, fold them nicely and put them away neatly into the little case after the final whistle at OT was a sight in itself. The man is ice-cool.


Blogger 2 Mars Bars said...

BACK WITH A BANG - Great to see you and your supurb content is back!

Anonymous Leumas said...

welcome back! nice to hear you went to the game. Some liverpool supporters took the opportunity to vandalise the entire stadium with graffiti and such.

So much for extending our hospitality and playing YNWA over the PA system....sigh...

Blogger loveuamy said...

welcome back dan!!

Blogger Super Cool Pete said...

Glad to see you're back safe and sound Dan. You lucky, lucky bastard getting to the game and all. Disappointing to hear the Cisse was bollocks. I still think he's a great player and he loves the 'pool, but unless Rafa brings in a striker that compliments him better (and that's unlikely) I'm sure he will be on his way out!

Blogger swervy249 said...

got lucky with the youth cup though, damn close game. and welcome backm the days have been hard with you, lol!

Blogger will said...

Welcome back mate, glad you enjoyed the match (or most of it anyway).

Anonymous cheeky said...

welcome back.
u won't believe how much i missed reading your blog at work.. it was my happy break time.

and thank god you went straight to business and didnt start off with some melodramtic returning post!

Anonymous prash said...

glad to finally have u back dan!

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

2marsbars /amy/will - cheers guys

leumas - a bunch of idiots did act inappropriately however I dont think that warrants tarring every one of liverpool fans with the same brush. Majority of us thought playing the YNWA was an excellent gesture

Pete - I've always sided with him, i think he has great potential, however i thought it was his attitude which was all wrong on Saturday. He looked like he couldn't be arsed. The expression on Rafa's face at the end probably spells that this could be the end of the road for him. Unfortunate, but probably in the best interests of the team?

swervy - cheers lol heard about the mini-reds - not the ideal score but a win still!

cheeky - Ohhh! thats harsh, its only the content you're interested in then eh? not the person behind it!

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

glad to be back myself prash!

Anonymous cheeky said...

well yeah!
we only get 'the content' from you all the time, rarely get to know more about the person behind it.
so like obviously, u miss something and look forward to it more coz you knew what it's like.

oh and btw, u never responded to a comment i left you in that 'soup' post.

Anonymous piniyini said...

lucky sod! how the fark did you manage to get tickets from dubai, u a season ticket holder? and here i was tryin to wup up a ticket ...

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

oh i had it sorted as soon as the game was announced! not a season ticket holder anymore since i'm in dubai!

are you a red too?


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