Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Anyone else hoping Lamps gets a yellow tonight?


Not being un-patriotic or nothing, but since Sven doesn't have the balls to try it does anyone else think the only way we're gonna see Gerrard being allowed to play freely the way he plays for Liverpool is if Lampard was to get a yellow tonight and miss the next game? Ideally, I would like to see a 5 man midfield with an extra man for the holding role. That will allow both Gerrard and Lampard to get forward. With Rooney fit, I doubt if Sven's gonna change his usual 4-4-2.

Why is Rooney always refered to as a dog?

Whenever Rrooney is about to play in a big game or has just returned from injury the media always use headlines likening him to a dog. For example, the front page "Rooney let off the leash." Why is this? I know Rooney's no stud but surely comparing him to a dog is just an insult to the poor creature.


Blogger loveuamy said...

isn't it just obvious that Sven thinks Gerrard is far more important than LP, so Gerrard is rested tonight.

GO Lampard! to get your second card!!!

Blogger will said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I have to say is Steven Gerrard is pure magic. He always does his part. I knew he was going to score tonight. And props to Joe Cole even though I hate him. He deserved to be the man of the match.

Now if Ashley Cole only knew how to defend we would of won this one. He was God awful.

:( Michael Owen only lasted 60 seconds...

Blogger Craig said...

Well Lampard didn't get booked, but Gerrard came on and scored a beautiful header. Owen's injury may force the 4-5-1 upon Sven, it's a shame we pay him £5 million a year and it takes injury's to players for him to finally make the right choice.

Gerrard is a much better player than Lampard, and the stats don't lie, Lampard has had 18 shots on goal and not scored, Gerrard has had just 6 and scored twice.

I'd like to see the 4-5-1, with Carrick or Hargreaves as the holding player. Rooney upfront alone, with Gerrard, Cole and Lampard supporting. Beckham will just do what he does (f*ck all).


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