Sunday, July 09, 2006

Nike makes FURTHER changes to ad campaign

NIKE has decided to revise their Ad campaign yet again


Blogger NoKenny said...

I hate Cristiano Ronaldo too !

We vengence for england tonight !

Vive Zidane

Blogger Robbie said...

Cheaters.. BOOOO!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Nike ads are terrible nowadays.

As if anyone other than (Man Utd. fans) would want an ad that features an Immature Prick and an Arrogant Cunt on the same ad.

One's a Traitor to the city of Liverpool (the Prick). The other is a Diving/Whining pansy (the Cunt).

Blogger Teeth Maestro said...

Hilarious - truly reflects the sentiments of the English.

Made a post with your image on my blog Nike and Rooney

Great image

Blogger Emma said...

Cristiano Ronaldo is the world's biggest twat. I hope Rio, Rooney and Neville give him a real bollock if he dares to go back to man U.

Blogger Gotinha said...

Even with just with his head Ronaldo looks better than Rooney with his entire body!!!
eh ehhe!!

Chill up, people!!

Blogger Emma said...

I can't. Portugal played terribly yesterday and just highlights how much England should have been there.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

anon1 - spot on mate. Can't stand either of them cunts. Yes, ronaldo was being a cunt on the pitch but what Rooney did was completely unnecessary, childish, irresponsible and twattish considering the kind of game it turned out to be.

Teeth - Cheers for the plug mate ;-)

Gotinha - its just a bit of banter mate i'm sure you realise. We're quick to criticise our own too as you must've seen on here!

Blogger Gotinha said...

Yes, Dan!!!
You should also see the good aspects of your team. They were in the Top 10 os the World's best teams!


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