Saturday, September 16, 2006

Suicide Bombings and Islam

An interesting collection of Hadith and Ayahs from the Quran, declaring Suicide in whatever shape or form, as forbidden and whoever commits suicide for whatever reason, will never come close to heaven. Blows up the 72 virgins theory eh? (No pun intended)


Anonymous Mojo said...

Interesting piece of article you found there Dan.

Whats your take on with what the Pope had said just the other day?

I kinda missed the jist of it, but it was mentioned in the friday prayers at my local mosque.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

alright mojo!

I've just done a post on the pope thingy - leave your comments!

Didnt know you were muslim! Where are you from mate?

Anonymous Mojo said...

Indeed i am mate.

My home country is Bangladesh....but born and bred in the North(west) of England.

I should be ashamed that I dont practise more than I do (the odd friday prayers)

Thanks for you pope post. I see that you've taken a light approach to the subject (i missed it so cant really comment)

Keep up the good post.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In one of the sirah...during the war of khandaq, one of the friends came to the Prophet (pbuh)and offer himself to be thrown to the group of enemies (the Quraisy)camping outside that he can kill as many enemy as possible with knowledge that he might get killed from his action, the Prophet gave his consent.

You must be able to differenciate between commiting suicide for God OR to escape from yr problem.. there is vast difference. Respected Islamic scholar like Sheikh Qaradawi gave fatwa that suicide bomber is allowed based on his intrepetation of hadith & Al Quran....who are we to do that?? Muhammad saw said 'leave it to the scholar (ulama') to decide'..they are in better position to judge.

Please dude, how many times do we pray everyday? How many times did we ask for Allah's mercy and forgiveness everyday? How many times did we sacrifice ourselves for ISlam & Allah swt since we were born in this world? Who are we to translate the word of God & hadith by the Prophet pbuh.

Please respect that there are people who dare to sacrifice themselves and fight against people who killed/murdered other muslims. In Al Quran (Surah Muhammad)..Allah said 'You help Islam and We will help you and make your position stronger'. Do not have negative thinking of ouyr fellow muslims who fight for Allah swt. Allah said in Surah Zukhruf...'You ignore my teachings (Al Quran) and I created Syaitan (Devil) to be your companion and befriends you...and later you will be finished' ... This is what happened to most of muslims who dont really care about Islam and his fellow muslim. Islam is Life dude!! Believe (Iman) in Allah, Al Quran, Prophet, Angels, Qiamah & Qada' & Qadar. Yes, there are some 'extremist' who were taking advantage of the current situation but they might not be a muslim at all! Yes, Islam project peace BUT allow us to defend ourselves and fight back in the name of Jihad. That's why the disbelivers are scared of 'Jihad' because they know that they afraid to die but the matyr WANT to die! Muslims are NOT terrorist.

I am from Malaysia, a Liverpool Fans since the late 70's and a Muslim since the late 60's. And I'm proud to be A Muslim. And whatever happened to us around the world, Islam will prevail. Just keep that faith dude! Allahu akbar!!


Anonymous Mojo said...



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