Thursday, December 14, 2006

The 'camel-jockey' issue...

Eran asked me to mention it on the blog that there's a lawsuit filed in the US against Sheikh Mohammed for enslaving 30,000 children in the last 30 years or so to be used as camel jockeys.

While we'll all agree this is a shameful practice but name one country in the world that can be considered a utopia, and that has never done anything wrong? Also, as has been mentioned, this issue might be in the headlines now, but there is alot of evidence that the ruling family has done all they can to eradicate the practice of child jockeys, and also, that they have put in place alternatives to avoid it recurring, such as Robot camel jockeys, while having successfully rehabilitating almost 90% of the children previously used in camel racing.

Here are some links you might wanna check out.

Robot Camel Jockeys to be used from 2006
More information on the rehabilitation of the kids and the banning of child jockeys in the UAE


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