Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ever seen a four year old this big?

Meet Harvey. Dwight Yorke &
Jordan (Katie Price)'s son. The man in the picture is Peter Andre, Jordan's current boyfriend.

If he continues growing at that rate we'll have a terror of Godzilla-like proportions going as the fat spacker goes on a blind rampage through a built up area, picking up cars and eating the people inside.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

totally out of order taking the piss out of this poor unfortunate young lad,although i enjoy your blog i think having a go at a disabled lad makes you a bit of a tit

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd say a total tit personally

Anonymous Anonymous said...

aren't you muslim dan? I'm not, but muslim's beleive that God created everyone how they are, why should you make fun of them? Especially, considering he's a blind child, abd a son of possibly the two worst parents on earth.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love this blog and black humour, but this time i think it's a bit sick to laugh about a disabled kid.

I suppose dan didn't know about this fact, did he?

Anonymous another anon said...

back in college days we used to get high every so often before lectures (well quite often!)

we used to read the paper (usually a startin point to talk some shit) while stoned out of our fuckin trolleys and i remember saying to my mate, check this out - jordans given birth to dwight yorke's kid and he's partially sighted!

to which his response was "dwighty must have poked him in the eye when he boned her" and we all cracked up uncontrollably for so long ... doesnt make sense i no but it so made sense at the time!

take care dan and keep it up

Anonymous ShazBo said...

It's Frank Lampard back in the day...

Blogger mcSey said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should remove this post the kids disabled and nearly blind and I am sure you know this with your comment
"as the fat spacker goes on a blind rampage"
If you were to come out with a joke like this on the kop about a disabled kid you would probley get sparked.

this aint what being a red is a about dan.

but must say love your blog just think this post is ott.


Blogger Dirty Dan said...

lighten up please for fooks sakes.

Yes I know harvey's disabled and personally I'm sorry for him but moreso that he was that bimbo as his mum. Didn't Jordan once say in an interview that she Harvey doesn't touch anything but burgers 'and stuff' and therefore thats all she feeds him!

People like these two shouldn't be allowed to have kids. I'm in favour of a children's licence thing whereby you'd have to have official clearence from the concerned authorities before you can take responsibilty of another life. That might go some way in ensuring that paedophiles, rapists, those with a violent/dodgy record aren't allowed to have kids. Oh and it'll stop stupid cunts like jordan too.

The above post is takin a shot at the kids parents who partly to blame for his situation.

I aint got nothing against Harvey or disableds, I feel towards them the same way you guys would do - but that doesn't mean you can't make jokes about stuff that would otherwise depress you? like the 7/7 bombings, dead babies etc. Its called 'black humor'

and well done those who understood what i'm tryin to say.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

imagine being jade goody's kid

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe that stupid whore feeded him with her tits and silicone caused some damage to his organism.
Anyway who cares about some fat plastic hooker's family


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