Wednesday, March 23, 2005


The Coconut man thread is going on strongly than ever with an average of 10-20 Coconut men being added DAILY!

Here are some of the latest new additions

Some custom-made T-shirts by a Forummer.

And here are some MORE coconut men (note: these are a select pick from nearly 50 added in the last couple of days.

Sign reads: "I want to take coconutgirl up the ass"
ermm.. we wouldn't advise that fella... its probably a bloke anyway

Sign reads: "Coconutman is my best mate, Jim xxx"
Coconutman don't have no mates Jim. xxx

Sign reads: "I'm the coconut man"
Yes you are. Yes you are!

Sign reads: "I am a COOKIE man" (??)
Taking the biscuit now, are we?

Sign reads: "Coconutman sprayed milk in my eye" (??)

Sign reads: "F365 made me her bitch" (??)
Yes we did, YES we did!

And the first COCONUT SONG with its very own video!


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