Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ten things I've done that you probably haven't!

After the 101 factoids (which take f**king ages to do) here's the next geekly obsession doing rounds on blogs all over.

1. Shared an apartment with a lapdancer voted #2 on Channel 5's Lapdancing competition 2 years ago.

2. Done 20 hours of flying in a Cessna-152

3. Met and shook hands with Sportsman of the Century, Muhammad Ali

4. Played cricket with India's Rahul Dravid

5. Carried a loaded revolver for a week. Nearly got caught once when a bouncer at a West London pub wanted to check me. Never got a chance to use it though. Doubt if i would have anyway.

6. Played ProEvolution Soccer from 7-8 am once, after spending the night in a hotel room with 4 strippers. Went to work straight after that, even though i was f**ked on charlie.

7. Got kicked out of an ex's sister's house at 2am in Cannock - after she walked in on us doing it. There are no hotels open that late around that place, so we had to spend the rest of the night at her mum's place.

8. Sold a cellfone to Jay Sean

9. Had snake soup.

10. Quit Smoking.


Blogger V said...

I've eaten snake.

Blogger Dinky Mind said...

10. Quit smoking!

Are you sure?!?!!? I counted down to 285.7

This point should have been on the top of the list!

Blogger S said...

#7 is the best!!! I just cant even imagine that....hahaha what could you have said in that moment....oh thats brilliant!!

Ur life always makes me realize exactly how retardedly boring mine is.... Im still wroking on the 101 facts...

Kudos for #10, my hubby has been trying for 2 yrs now...


Blogger Salacious Samosa said...

Sorry to burst your bubble hun, but i too have quit smoking...

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

sahar - thats why i said 'probably' there. Although im tempted to change it to #11 - Have shagged a bird who claimed to have slept with Sting.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep you're right i haven't done any of these! Should give up smoking, but will do one day!
N xxxx


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