Sunday, April 24, 2005

Down and Out?!

I don't think so. Baros might be, but I don't think any of Liverpool's players including Baros consider themselves out of the race for next year's CL spot.

Although they probably agree that the route they'll have to take is different. They'll have to qualify as holders of this year's title. Other than that, I don't think its possible anymore.

With Liverpool's results, very much depends on which Liverpool side turns out to play. The mighty reds that blew away leverkusen and juventus or the tired out of touch looking reds that were beaten by southampton, citeh, burnley this season, among others.

Last night it was the latter one. Liverpool lost 1-0 when they had a chance to come within 1 point of Everton, who only managed a draw at B'ham. But credit to Crystal Palace, they played an extremely physical game, which prompted the usually cool Benitez to decalre that Football wasn't possible due to the way Palace played.

If we manage to turn in the kind of performance we have in Europe, against Chelsea on Wednesday then I do think we'll be through to the Finals in Istanbul. And then, anything can happen.

"I was driving along with my wife Montse when two boys with Liverpool scarves recognised me and started running towards the car. I pulled up and they were dancing about singing 'Ra-Fa Benitez, Ra-Fa Benitez!' They were waving their scarves and it was incredible. I gave them my autograph and as I was driving away they were still in the middle of the street shouting 'Ra-Fa' with all the cars driving past them!

"I remember another time. It was seven o'clock in the evening and I was the last one here at Melwood. As I left there was a guy waiting for me in the cold. He was shivering. He wanted my autograph and said 'thank you'. The gate man told me later that the guy had been waiting for me since 9am!

"Liverpool fans are very special. The atmosphere from the Kop is fantastic. If you run and work hard, whatever happens at the end of the game they say OK. Igor Biscan is maybe the best example of that and they appreciate his effort.

"For a player that must be fantastic. When you have such supporters cheering you on players can reach another level for sure. If we continue to play with passion we can reward those fans."

Rafa on Liverpool Supporters

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Blogger Val said...

Right On!

I watched the game with my husband & we both agreed that it's up to Everton to lose the 4th spot in the league. We won't be able to catch them at the rate that we are dropping points.

If they can just get an away goal at Stamford Bridge, they have a good chance.

Blogger mcSey said...

Crap and Palace is still in the relegation zone. That sucks. I don't care enough about them to want them to knock your squad out of the CL and still get relegated. If it was the difference between relegation and not then sure, but they're still five points from safe (right? Us Yanks have trouble with the whole concept let alone the specifics;) I would love to see relegation put in in baseball though:)

Anonymous Joachim said...

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