Friday, July 15, 2005

The Return of Michael Owen?

There are rumors in today's papers suggesting that the former Liverpool striker is 'Desparate' for a return to his boyhood club.

Although the papers aint ruling out a dramatic swoop, Benitez seems to already have plans in place and this news might have come too late. It could be possible if Benitez is able to raise enough cash by player sales, ie. Milan Baros and Kewell etc cuz it doesn't appear as if there's enough cash left in the transfer kitty.

Owen desparate for Anfield return

I would prefer to see Owen front our attack rather than Peter Crouch, if I had to choose between the two. Owen is far more experienced with a proven record and back at his boyhood club he might show the same 'passion' that makes Jamie C and Stevie G so special.

Luis Figo saga continues

Looks like Luis Figo might actually get to play for the club he's been 'dreaming' about. The Bernabeu club are now understood to have agreed to waive the £2million transfer fee that they had initially wanted which Liverpool didn't wanna pay.

Came accross
THIS while googling for Figo's pics for this post. WTF!?


Blogger Mark said...

surely we still have a fair bit of money for transfers.....after winning the champions league and all
plus we havent really spent all that much so far...

Blogger loveuamy said...

i want Owen too ^______^

Blogger Sarah_A said...

i want Owen to go back Anfield - it's where he belongs!!!

Blogger Sean said...

I say bring the boy wonder back, before he gets too old.

Blogger Val said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Val said...

I would want Owen back...provided Rafa "offload players like Kewell & Mellor.

If Owen is indeed coming back, there's no place for the Crotch. Oops, should be Crouch.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

I've heard Rafa's already spent around £10 - 15 mil and has plans for a couple more players, ie. crouch and milito etc. He doesn't wanna pay more than 6.5 mil for crouch so maybe Stevie G should lend them a little cash, since he's minted now.


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