Monday, July 18, 2005

Why Iraq has Made Us Less Safe.

TIME: Daniel Benjamin

Sir Ivor Roberts, Britain's Ambassador to Italy, declared last September that the "best recruiting sergeant for al-Qaeda" was none other than the U.S. President, George W. Bush. With the American election entering its final furlongs, he added, "If anyone is ready to celebrate the eventual re-election of Bush, it is al-Qaeda."

The remarks, made at an off-the-record conference, were leaked in the Italian press, and Sir Ivor, facing the displeasure of his Foreign Office masters for committing the sin of candor, disowned the comments. But now, as the soot settles in the London Underground, the words hang again in the air.

It is, of course, bad manners to point the finger at anyone but those responsible for the killings in London. They shed the blood; they must answer for it. But as the trail of bodies that began with the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 continues to lengthen, we need to ask why the attacks keep coming. One key reason is that Osama bin Laden's "achievements" in standing up to the American colossus on 9/11 have inspired others to follow his lead. Another is that American actions--above all, the invasion and occupation of Iraq--have galvanized still more Muslims and convinced them of the truth of bin Laden's vision.

Supporting the US-led invasion of Iraq put the UK more at risk from terrorist attack, a report has said.

The Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Economic and Social Research Council report also said the invasion boosted al-Qaeda.

The report, coming days after the London Tube and bus bombings, said support of the US-led Iraq war
made attacks more likely.


Blogger mcSey said...

Yeah, fuck, sorry to drag you into this shit man.

I remember during '04 US campaign, "an Al-Qaeda spokesman" endorsed Bush because "they understood him" and the Kerry's "silver-tounged lies" would "deceive the Muslim world".

I parsed that as "We like Bush because we know that he will continue to give us the war that we so desperately need to strengthen our cause."

Well that was born out today, when two seperate studies , one by an Israeli think tank and the other by the Saudi gov't, concluded that the vast majority of the fighters headed to Iraq did so because of our invasion of Iraq.

In other words, this is making us all less safe, because we're not going to kill them all, but we sure as hell are giving them on the job training in Iraq.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

It aint your fault man - none of this should've happened in the first place if it wasn't for lies and the greed of our 'leaders' - Blair was involved in this from day one and I know most americans feel the same way about Bush that we do about Blair.

Thanks for the articles - I posted something similar on the london metroblog and got slated for being a terrorist-sympathiser(sp).

And now everyone's saying the same thing.

Blogger IndCoup said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Thanks for your comments genius, however can i point out that the situation is a bit different to a rape being blamed on a girl's skirt - People have been killed actually, incase you haven't noticed. No, sorry, murdered is the word. Thousands of them, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thats might not be the reason why we got attacked, but it has made us less safe, and thats not just me saying it if you read the linked articles which I doubt you would bother with.

the Mujahedeen were the creation of America itself, during the afghan-russian war when they funded these 'madrassah's in pakistan to recruit young fighters, train them and have em fight against the russians. Once that war was over, you had thousands of uneducated youths who were trained in combat and had learnt how to use the Koran to justify terrorism, with easy access to fuckloads of arms and ammunition that the americans and russians left behind. If that wasn't bad enough, the murder of innocent muslim women and children on a regular basis in places like kashmir, israel had already done enough damage. And if you hadn't noticed, this was way before bali or 9/11.

There is no justification for attacks on civilians whether they're in NY or London or Karachi or Bali, but there are reasons for it, and it aint the 'freedom and liberties' bullshit. The bombers from Leeds were born and raised in a free society. The reasons are Iraq, afghanistan, kashmir, palestine and chechnya and the sooner they're sorted out the better cuz otherwise we're fucked.

Anonymous scientist dan said...

Mr. Blair is a complete penis. I think that sums it up.


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