Saturday, July 16, 2005

Make yerself a Human Bomb.

looks yum? not for me, cuz these little fuckers can kill. I'm allergic to these buggers and eating them can send me into an anaphylactic shock - swelling the airways to the point of suffocation.

Interestingly, if a human being were to eat black pudding followed by king prawns and washed down with a glass of milk, due to the un-stable chemical mixture now sitting in his or hers gut, the poor individual's stomache would literally explode within a matter of minutes!

I wonder who discovered that.


Blogger Sarah_A said...

shit! is that true?!

not that i would EVER eat black pudding (so wrong) and i don't really like prawns either!

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

is that true - i dont know but i don't wanna find out either! lol


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