Saturday, August 27, 2005

Artificial Intelligence

This is seriously GOOD.

Think of something, anything. The website will then try to guess what it by asking 20 yes or no questions.

I thought of 'Wallet' and the damn thing guessed it on the last question.

Try it, let us know in 'comments' what you thunk of and if it was guessed correctly or not.


Blogger weenie said...

LOL - excellent! It guessed correctly three times!

Anonymous aisha said...

amazing!! trapped my thots accurately!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

darn good man got me on the 25th question

Blogger Benny C said...

Did it twice.

First one potato.

Got that in 17....Then Stapler. Thought I had it but it got to it in 29.

Thing must have one hell of a database....spooky. Right off to see if it knows about porn.....;-)


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