Sunday, September 04, 2005

Single Again

Right then. The engagement's off. Infact, all of its off.

Sometimes when you least expect, things take a turn for the worse and rather than sit and cry about it, you've got to make tough decisions and take it on the chin, and move on.

I've had to make a very tough decision yesterday, but I think it was for the best.

Aint got anything more to say really.


Anonymous Leumas said...

Wow...what happened? So is the relationship still alright, or...?

Take care...and good luck for the future...

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

nah, its over. breaking up with someone is more difficult then i would've thought but then again, she gave me the reasons so its all good in the hood :)

Blogger Sarah_A said...

gosh, that was quite sudden. poor you... hope you feel alright :)

Anonymous sca1lywag said...

yeah.. hope everything's ok on your part of the fence.

Blogger loveuamy said...

dan, believe your decision is the best, and just move on. You'll be fine. It's hard to say anything to you at this time, especially as we don't know too much, but one thing is for sure. We all wish you well. Take care mate.

Blogger say what? said...

i got no words .. !

i guess sometimes its easier if the heart believes something firmly.

Blogger BeKn|GhTeD said...

Sigh. Another one bites the dust huh?
Well, welcome to the club my freind.
High five... or a low low one!?

Maybe now you'll find my blog worth reading :P
In any event, good luck with the after math. Get laid, quick.

Anonymous shahid said...

Mate i cant believe it???
U loved her so much. I can understand ur pain... i have gone thru the truma myself and still feel the hurt.
But in a way sometimes its for the best... and its better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all. You have lived some magical moments u will cherish forever.
And dont worry u will find someone else soon... Now u WISER... catch ya in Dubai soon and we shall celebrate bachelorhood again!!

Blogger theGoose said...

I'm sorry to hear that news.
Take care of yourself and try and have some fun.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous piniyini said...

Didnt see that one coming, sorry to hear.

Shit happens. Like you said "take it on the chin, and move on".

I think a night out with the boys would take ya mind of things. Go on Shahid drag him along!

Blogger Val said...

Take care.

Blogger S said...

I hope you are keeping your chin up... there is some sort of rhyme and reason to this chaos we call life....


Anonymous Zag said...

Okay, this one is def a shocker!!!! Not only you loved her a lot, but you were the only person she would talk about!!!! What the hell happened in a few months?!?!?!?!

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

She's done something she shouldn't have, and she realizes that. Infact, she herself admitted it to me.

I guess I'm just not big enough to be able to forgive her.

It will hurt for a long time but I do think I've made the right decision.

Thanks for your concern and wishes, all of you.

Anonymous Aisha said...

Lissn to some good music, good friends and of course there's always alcholol to help beat the pain.
Be strong. Its prolly harder knowing u have made the right decision but u will come thru...

Anonymous BB said...

man , i knew nuffin about all this yet you worked for me thru this strife :/

keep your chin off your chest my new friend & you'll ride out the storm...believe me theres aload of hunnyz waitin on the other side of this rough patch for ya's..

laterz bro

p.s. thx again 4 your gr8 work :)

Blogger weenie said...

A tough and brave decision to make.

Anonymous Duncan said...

I feel for you mate. try to distract yourself

Blogger Sean said...

Don't even worry about it man! You're much too young to be tied down like that anyway. This just means you get to be with another hot lady. Trust me, I've been there. After a little time goes by, you'll wonder why you even cared. It's natural. You know how many men in there late 20's and early 30's envy you at this moment?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is the first time i'm commenting on your blog..
and i have to say i was quite saddened by the turn of events in your life.

but what i really appreciate is, that after going through such an emotional decision, you actually decided to post an entry in your blog! and respond to people's queries. that's very brave of you.

give it just a little more time, and this whole episode will be out your system.

good luck.

Anonymous Zag said...

Or you can start one of those whiny desi blogs where all they do is complain about their ex and what they did :)

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Right then...... The D is back!

Aisha - I reckon it would've been harder and the situation could've been much much worse if i had no choice u know, as opposed to being able to make the decision myself

BB - no probs mate ;-) let me know if u need anything elz!

weenie / dunc - cheers guys i really appreciate it

Sean - I guess you're right mate, I'm just gonna chill for some time, aint too rushed about finding someone new u know

Anon - Thanks for your comments mate and keep them comin, Its good to know who's our audience and what they think. I dont think i'm sad with whats happened cuz it was my decision in the end, what was sad though was that it had to come down to this. Anywayz, I'm not too bothered right now I'm confident iv done the right thing.

Zag - naah that aint my kinda thing mate.

Beknighted - I do visit all the blogs on my list whenver they're updated and yours is among some of the interesting ones. Keep it up

Ps - I'll be posting again from today so stay tuned

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awwwww.... and here i was hoping one day we'll see her pics in the babe of the day

Blogger TestSubjectXP said...

Good luck moving on, man.

Anonymous littledog91560 said...

every thing is new to me here but I get the feeling its best LD

Anonymous Timmy B said...

Enjoy the time you had together, which reminds me ...

Q: What do you do with 365 used condoms ?

A: Make it into a tire and call it a GoodYear !

(so at least you had a good year, mate !)

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

lol nice one TimmyB


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