Thursday, April 27, 2006

Now here's a worthy cause

This woman bet her boyfriend if his website gets 2,000,000 hits, she would have a threesome with him and another girl.

Help him get to that mark!


Blogger swervy249 said...

this may seem kinda weird, but i feel like ive seem her before

Blogger will said...

I'm only going to visit the site if they promise to film it!

Blogger 2 Mars Bars said...

This guy is getting about 50 hits a second!

There definately should be the promise of a video though. She must be pissed having her photo posted though!

Blogger will said...

He's got to get one of his women's mate's for the three some, either her best friend or her best looking one!

My best mate did a 3 way with his bird and a stranger off the net, and video'd it. It was fucking great and a very funny story about it too.

Anonymous Leumas said...

Its 4m + and counting already.....looks like we gonna have a nice show on our hands :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you've seen her 'cause this is fake

rumor has it that Helpwinthisbet is a fraud... and when you take the time to think about it -- it totally has to be. Who wouldn't check the site every couple days?!?! I mean he's at almost 5 mil...with no update? rumor has it that its a product of PR agency

Anonymous prash said...

dunno if theres a link to this site in here but i just found it from a forum.another thisisanfield like blog.

some really funny shit in there.

check out the own goal.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice1 prash:)awesome blogspot
SWEDISH STAG NIGHT thats a funny ass story!LoL

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

what a letdown this was.


excellent link though prash!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

probably a fake too but worth a look!


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