Wednesday, April 26, 2006

West Ham United vs Liverpool: match preview

Author: Matthew Coker (West Ham)

One of the best previews I've ever read - by an opposition supporter.

I have tried hard for the whole of this season to abstain from too many stereotypes as it just amounts to not bothering to find out the truth about our opponents.

For this particular report, I am able to confirm one stereotype regarding those from the Mersey is spot on and that is that Scouse humour is alive, well and being voiced at games of football. Hence an extra helping of songs from the stands is to be found within this report; I hope they amuse you as much as they did me.

Wednesday night, we finally sober up enough after three days of celebrating to welcome the Champions of Europe to the Boleyn. The re-arranged fixture takes place on Wednesday night as we take on Liverpool in our penultimate home fixture in what has turned out to be a FA Cup final dress rehearsal. I’ll just say that again, a FA Cup final dress rehearsal.

Our opponents currently sit confirmed as at least third place in league and the gap between them and Manchester United in second place suggests that they are going to be looking at a Bronze medal for this season’s efforts. All at the club agree is a large step in the right direction, the gap between them and Chelsea last season was 37 points, going into this weekends games, only 15 points separates them. If they can manage such improvement again next year, a title challenge is on the cards.


Blogger 2 Mars Bars said...

Good game on the whole with a shadow side. Our Cisse did well - guess Rafa told him to pick up after the Chav$ki game. Just saw the incident with Garcia on SSN and I don't think the ref should/will change his mind about Luis, so now he'll be out of the final...gracias Luis!

It was a dirty little elbow in the back of Mullins after hanging onto the player that's his red card there. But then going down clutching his whole face Robben-esk like when he just had his face clipped when Mullins was going in for an understandable retaliatary shove.

No dount Mullins deserves his Red too, but it was understandable after getting a sharp elbow in the back - I would've done worse, a there's a good chance the Ref may reduce his sentance.

Anonymous prash said...

garcia is the closest player to robben that we have.seen a few dives from him 2.its understandable if he cant stop doing his fancy stuff but he definately needs put a stop to the dirty part of his game.

cisse's finishing is still as poor as ever.all he does is shoots as hard as he can n hope it goes in.dun think it would work against world class keepers like cech buffon or cassilas.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Excellent report there 2marsbars - i missed the game last night as they were showing the barca game everywhere, but that was very helpful. Just seen the goals myself, both were quality goals from cisse.

Garcia........ a tough one.... i think we've all gotta accept him the way he is, just like rafa said the other day, we cannot change him. he's not the brightest crayon in the box but he has this ability to score the most crucial goals. I'm sure if you do a season review for liverpool's best / most important goals for the past two seasons, he's right up there.

The handbags incident - was definately a little touch to garcia's face although he did go down too easily - that is not something i wanna see at my club and i'm sure rafa and stevie would've had a word with him about it.


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