Thursday, June 01, 2006

Colo-Colo Fans


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impossible to forget all the times i was in there shouting my heart out. Like one of the songs says:
"Yo te aliento hasta romper la voz"
"I sing for you until I break my voice"

Anonymous prash said...

BLOODY FUCKING LOUD!!!SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME...was reading a sms just caught me off guard.

that is something crazy.would be a great experience to be there.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was kinda wack,not the fans or anthing like just seems to be very poor sound :(
i loved the fireworks though :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well the sound on this one is better 'cause it's a rap but it's in spanish.

This is an away game and the team is about to come out haha. As you can see that part of the stadium was too small to keep us in. I Bet the other team's goalkeeper was a bit scared.

The rap is against our rivals telling them that we own the country and we're at home wherever we go. (and some other things too rude to say) hahahahahaha



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