Sunday, June 11, 2006

England v Paraguay - Match Review and goals

That performance was fucking gay. Yes, we do have 3 points and yes, that is the kind of start to the World cup we'd have liked but its not the way we'd like England to be playing as they WILL be found out against the better sides if the continued playing like they did.

We've seen it before against Argentina, Brazil, France & Portugal and it's the same performance every time, normally ending up with us losing as soon as we try it against a vaguely competent team. It only worked properly against Argentina, and only because they were clueless in attack - everything was slow and through the middle, they had no width.

To sit back invites pressure on to you, invites the long ball game, invites the concession of possession, invites people to run at you and surrenders the initiative. The teams loses its shape and leadership and finds it self incapable of regaining the initiative. It may work in Italy but our players either do not understand these tactics or are incapable of using them properly.

That's a damning indictment of not just the team management, but also its leadership on the field. SGE has learnt absolutely nothing in 6 years of managing England - and neither has the team, it seems.

Dr Gypsum



Blogger will said...

I can't believe people really think we can win the cup. Hoping to win games with set pieces and long balls will get us nowhere. And Rooney isn't that fucking special. Even if he was fully fit, we'd still be a 2nd rate team.
Rant over (i don't know what came over me, yes i do, it was watching england).

And yes, i am english.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Playong like that I don't think we'll get too far.

Owen seemed a little off yesterday, I'd rather have crouch (who i thought was immense and probably our best player on the field) with rooney once he's fit.


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