Tuesday, June 13, 2006

MERC'D!! Part 1

We’ve read about David Beckham leaping from a moving car in Manchester as one of the pranks was being filmed. How funny would it all have been if the England captain had twisted his ankle in the process? Nevertheless it was funny seeing him doing a runner in moss side. Felt a bit sorry for him when he gets in the car and has to lie on the floor to avoid the paparazzi.

Gary Neville (as much as I hate the cunt) does come accross as a no-nonsense kinda guy. Rooney's a mute! There are more which I will add once I find them. Apparently, Peter Crouch was about to buy a flat shaped like a penis!

David Beckham

Wayne Rooney

Gary Neville

Shaun Wright Philips & John Terry

Thanks to ThierryButters for finding these.


Blogger Drogballs said...

hey i was looking around for the videos of the rio's windup show. haha thanks for that.

Blogger Sean said...

Oh man, the SWP episode is brutal. I can't believe Rio can keep getting away with this stuff. Do you think he comes up with the ideas for pranks or does someone else? Here's a good prank, Rio scores an OG (as in, on purpose) in the WC....then all the cameras run onto the field and Rio tells Paul Robinson he's been "Merc'D" That would be interesting ;-)

Blogger loveuamy said...

haha, great idea sean, i would love to see that!!

thanks dan for this! really funny!


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