Monday, July 31, 2006

Chelsea = The laughing stock of World Football?

Chelsea’s monotonous dominance of English football has been achieved by an obscene redistribution of wealth from some of Europe’s poorest to some of football’s flashiest via one of Russia’s shadiest. It is a scandal that should appal every one of us — including the shameless supporters at Stamford Bridge who seem to regard it as a cause for celebration.

Its fans are arrogant just like their club, and they also spout huge amounts of consistant drivel.

That's why everyone who isn't a Chavski fan wants to see them fall and fall until they are out of sight for good. Just a shame they can't see that themselves.

Instead they consistantly boast about how they are the "bestest" "richest" "biggest" club in the world, and totally ignore any sensible criticism put towards them about their owner and money.

Let's not forget how what these Chavski-related platics said:

Makelele 2005: "We will not lose a game this season"

Frank Lampard 2005: "We will attempt to emulate the treble, and maybe throw in the Carling Cup"

Peter Kenyon: "The race will be won by a group of one"

Bruce Buck: "We deserve to win the Champions League"

And last but not least...

The Special Needs One mid 2005: "For me, our success has nothing to do with the money"

After buying Ballack and Shev: "It proves the status of the club"

Your owner rigs our national sport and you are of no concern to him.

When he's got all the enjoyment one can possibly derive from buying all the worthless baubles on offer, I hope he shafts you like he shafted the Russian people.

Truly I do.


Anonymous WolfeatingRaven said...

Right there with you, i have never had a problem with other teams in the premiership, but the Chelsea situtation is a joke, but it will all be make right next season, when Liverpool win the premiership when gerard scores in the 90" min against Chelsea after rounding the keep and then Lampard falls to the ground in tears, in the process breaking his leg. The End, i can't wait lol

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely right

Bunch of wanks hope they freefall to the conference

Its disgusting how all Chavski fans think this is the way it should be!


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