Monday, July 31, 2006

Take Naked Pictures of Your Girlfriend

A step-by-step guide to getting hot shots of your number-one chick.

The nudie picture is a time-honored tradition that dates back to the crude cave drawings of our primitive brothers. And now, thanks to the availability of digital cameras, it's within reach of the average Joe. But how do you get from seeing your mental vision to actually having skin shots of your girl that are masturbation-ready? Follow our lead, you budding artiste you.

1) Make Sure You're Both on the Same Page
Before you invest in expensive lights, a tripod and a beret, you need to make sure your girl is down with the program. "The prospect of having someone take naked photos of you is a little like your first foray into anal sex—it's a little scary and it might be painful," says pro photog Paul Sarkis, who has taken many a naked picture. "It's your responsibility to make sure it's a good experience that she'll want to repeat. If she's worried that she might end up on, assure her that she'll get to keep the negatives or memory card. Asking someone to bare their bod for you requires a level of trust that you've got to earn."

2) Set the Mood
So you've convinced her posing nude will benefit world peace. Good show! Your next step is to put her In the Moment so you can create your best work: sexy music (ask her what she likes), soft lighting (candlelight or pink lightbulbs work best—anything else is unflattering) and the pièce de résistance, a theme. "Go for the classic tub shot," advises Dana Braverman of "Think Marilyn Monroe, 1950s pinups, glamour girls. Every woman looks fun and sexy in a bubble bath, and a hot, steamy bath is also a great way to relax your girl and get her camera-ready."

3) Don't Be Sleazy
Though the inner cigar-chomping pig will be dying to get out, curb the urge—it's just going to turn her off. Says Connie, "I had a boyfriend take pictures of me in a schoolgirl outfit, and once we started getting into it, he was all about the porno 'Oh yeah!'s and 'Suck it!'s. After a while I realized it was more about him than it was me, which is fine, but I feel like I was mislead. Initially, I thought he wanted pictures of me, but judging from all the shots, all he wanted was pictures of his johnson in my face." In other words, save the porno action for another time when you're both seasoned at this.

4) Get Her into It
That's not to say, of course, that porno doesn't have its place in this experiment. "What we suggest is playing her favorite X-rated movie in the background—what better way to loosen up?" asks Sheila Rae, proprietrix of "Not only will it turn her on, but it'll give her inspiration for posing. And if she gets really taken by it, sex toys are always great fun—and great photo props." Better yet, join in with her for a little while before stepping back behind the camera. Then everyone wins!

5) Show Your Appreciation
You're getting close with your lens, you're translating the images in your head into reality, you're ignoring your flash, you're following her lead. What are you forgetting? Positive reinforcement will only encourage your subject, as Mitch found out. "I'll be blunt—it made me hard," he says. "And the more aroused I got, the more she teased. After a while it wasn't even about the camera anymore, and we wound up having amazing sex…though the shots I took of her afterward were pretty awesome, too." Spoken like a true pro.

6) What to Do with the Evidence
Though you might be tempted to show the fruits of your labors off to everyone you meet like a proud father sharing shots of his kids, a word to the wise: Don't. "I once went to a wedding where the bride and groom had set out an album at the reception that was filled with naked photos of themselves. It was kinda cool that they were willing to share such an intimate side of themselves with their closest friends, but lots of people just felt like that they didn't need to see that," says Sarkis. "I'd say that unless your friends are regular witnesses to your naked frolicking, naked photos are something that should stay between partners." Or between your palms, if you catch our drift.



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