Saturday, July 01, 2006

England v Portugal

"Ghana have played wonderful football. Ivory Coast have played wonderful football. Holland and Spain, the same. If I had to pick one team, on Tuesday afternoon it would have been Spain. But where are they? Tell me, where are these four teams now? At home, that's where. And we are here. I'm not frustrated. I'm actually rather satisfied. OK, we can play better but, to win the World Cup, I'm prepared to do whatever. And if that means playing bad football then, come on, who cares?" - Sven gets tough. Yey!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sven Eriksson can swim back to Sweden... that fucking bastard.

Anonymous piniyini said...

I could bash Sven right now, 5 mil a year for fuckin what

Blogger Gotinha said...

Sorry guys!!!

Blogger will said...


Right, i think i've got that out of my
system. Now, i'm off to murder a swede (and a few england players who were shit at the world cup)!

Blogger Sean said...



Mourinho must be proud. Sorry guys. At least Brazil is out....but damn, don't they practice penalties (Beckham didn't even take one this time)? I know there's some history there but DAMN! It's going to be mighty hot in S. Africa in 2010....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sad part about this is Eriksson keeps getting richer while England keeps losing.

Plus where the fuck was Frank Lampard. This just proves again and again that Lampard can't fucking capitalize when the pressure is on. Lets see Frank Lampard 0 goals. Steven Gerrard leads the entire team with 2 goals. Hmmm I wonder who would make a better Attacking Midfielder. Heck even bloody David Beckham was able to score a goal. Two words "FUCK LAMPARD!"

Anonymous cheeky said...

rooney need to grow up! its about time. he deserved the red card.

as much as i loathe beckham.. what really touched me was the fact, that even after being replaced due to injury (the helpless look on his face was too painful) and then losing, he went out to each player and comforted him. hugged/kissed him. it take A ALOT to go out and do that. especially after realizing the fact that he 'may not' be playing in the next world cup (he'll be 35!)and that this time was his best chance of winning.
he is a good captain.

Blogger P. M. G. said...

The gold medal its ours. Have a nice Christmas holigans.

Blogger Drogballs said...

Sven really really screwed it up BIG time. gutted for you guys. all the best for Euro 2008 though (:

Blogger FM said...

Dan remember what i said to you earlier..

Germany is winning the world cup but you said english team is enough for them...can you re-think on that ?

I think english team is nothing!. If they cant beat portugal, they could have never beaten France/ Brazil.

Germany is winning the world cup. They have beaten Argentina ..proved themselves.

with regards

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Gotinha - good luck mate you'll need it ;-)

Will - exactly wot my reaction was

Sean & Anon.1 - lampard was absolute gash this in this tournament - 2nd best in the world? My arse - he aint even the best in his family.

cheeky - i agree with every word you just said

p.m.g - your guys were lucky. fullstop. England 10 men >>> Portugal

Drogballs - cheers fella, who's you supportin then?

fm - see my reply to p.m.g

Thanks for your comments guys.

Blogger Drogballs said...

Was supporting Spain in the beginning but they're already out now, so I'll stick to the Germans because of their performances. Do have a lil soft spot for the French as well, Zidane's my idol. Hope they stick one up Ronaldo eh...


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