Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tonnes of Videos


Blogger sarah alonso said...

hi there. if u dont mind me asking..how do u make that polaroid style frames? i realised u like to use them. it sure looks good. btw..keep up the good work with updating us with the latest news and everything. im one of ur regular visitor. Nice work!accesgo

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Hey sarah, apologies for the later reply, i've been away recently.

You can do it in photoshop. I personally use Macromedia fireworks as its more user friendly (similar to ms. paint but a few more options).

All you do is cut down the pictures size.., draw a white box around it and put it BEHIND the picture. Then you merge them both and add a shadow.

ITs simple really, you can email me on dan.thisisanfield@gmail.com if you have any quesitons.

Blogger Allyssa Owen said...

Hey there, its Sarah, thank u 4 the advice on how to create that polaroid style pictures look.


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