Sunday, July 09, 2006

The World Cup Final 2006

England are no more in the Worldcup and since its betweeen the I-ties and the French tonight, its a bit of a tough choice for a nuetral like me. Ities are known for their playacting, although we all remember Thierry Henry going down clutching his face a few days ago, when there didn't appear to be any contact. France, because of Zizou alone, shades it for me. Undoubtedly the greatest footballer of our generation. Arguably the best footballer of all time if he leads France to his second world cup victory.

I was sent this really interesting photograph the other day... is
this the reason behind his greatness? [zoomed]

Adieu Zizou: thanks for the memories

He will walk off the pitch tonight and out of football forever. And he will leave behind a million memories. Zinedine Zidane has been - is, until tonight - the best player in the world for a generation. The best European since Johan Cruyff retired. How shall we best remember him, this man who 'plays as if he has silk gloves on each foot' (Alfredo Di Stefano), who 'can do things with his feet that others cannot do with their hands' (Thierry Henry).

Yet a man who looks forever troubled, as if haunted by his own greatness, his rounded shoulders weighed down by expectations within and beyond football. Shall we remember him for his goals - the two in the World Cup final that brought millions to the streets of Paris in 1998; the sublime winning volley that won the European Cup for Real Madrid in 2002? Or shall we remember his words: 'The game, the event, is not necessarily experienced or remembered in real time. My memories are fragmented - whenever something amazing happened I would remember playing in another place, at another time. Someone passed the ball to me and, before even touching it, I knew exactly what was going to happen. I knew I was going to score.'

There will be drama in the World Cup final, France v Italy, tonight. And there will be romance if Zinedine Zidane can take himself to another time, another place, and score one last goal. Something else to remember him by. Adieu.


Blogger Jeremy said...

Very nice blog! Sad for zizou :(

Blogger swervy249 said...

what a twit, thats what he'll be remember for that head was a damn brilliant head butt though!!

Anonymous ShazBo said...

He'll be remembered as a disgraced football star to everyone except the french. As an Italia fan (as well as a England and Brasil fan) I was so furious I wanted to rip his head off. Much like the time when I wanted to rip Cristiano Ronaldo whining like a cunt during Portugal vs England match. But enough about Rooney/Ronaldo you can read my comments about them on the Nike Ad.

Anyways Zidane's action shocked me at first, he's suppost to be the classist footballer in the world. But then I thought about it. Freaking out and doing something stupid is typical for french footballers. Don't believe me? Remember when people (except for Man Utd. fans) started calling Eric Cantona; Cuntona. Remember what happened? Oh yes that's right he freaked out and Kung-Fu kicked a fan. (Not a player but a fan)
what a cunt...

So in the end, was Zidane's head butt really that big of a suprise? It wasnt the head butted someone.

previous time:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

go fuck yourself and your italians Shazbo

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous cheeky said...

was on italy\'s side, but felt very bad for zidane.

i\'m assuiming, materazzi (as much as i like him!).. must have said something extremely provoking to zidane.. probably regarding his mother or wife..
no sane person in the world would do what he did, for any other reason.. considering the fact that you\'re in the world cup final and playing the last match of your glorious career.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous ShazBo said...

That's acutally a great idea. I should of fucked my italian girlfriend yesterday to celebrate. Dam that's genius I should of thought about that. Oh well there's always tonight.


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