Saturday, August 26, 2006

Liverpool 2-1 West Ham

A much, much better performance I thought, after watching the match with chinese commentary on an internet stream.

Agger was immense!!! Deserved the MOTM for his goal alone. A goal of the month contender and definately a season top 10 goal.
Watch it here.

Good selection i thought including Kuyt as he came on and made us look like scoring although he was only on for 40 mins and put in a better solid performance than Cisse did all last season. His link up play was excellent and if he keeps playing like that he's going to be a legend. I can see why the Feyenoord fans loved him so much.

Honourable mentions go to Hyypia, Gonzalez and Crouch who all played well today.

Just not quite clicking for Bellamy yet, give it a bit of time. I hope he gets his first goal soon though; don't want another Crouch scenario.

We also have so much speed up front now (pennant, bellamy and gonzalez), it seems as if we haven't learnt how to play with it yet. I expect big things in 2/3 weeks time.


Today marks the 100th anniversary of the world's most famous terrace and to celebrate, takes a nostalgic trawl through the archives to recall the magical history of Anfield's Spion Kop...

The most impressive occasion the new seated Kop has experienced is without doubt the night Chelsea were frightened into submission by a deafening wall of sound in the 2005 Champions League semi-final. The numbers may not have been has great as in the halcyon days of the Sixties and Seventies but even the old-timers among the crowd that night admitted the Kop had never been louder. MORE

Match report from the F365 Official Liverpool Thread and GIF courtsey of Slappybag! GOALS thanks to KC


Anonymous marcuirl said...

watching the match with chinese commentary on an internet stream.

for you and other ex-pats that do not have access to a nice pub to watch the game in or private subscription and have to use the `chinese' method: why not mute the chinese sound, fire up realplayer as well and listen to the english commetry on 5live (YOUR bandwidth permitting).

the chinese images are usualy 20-30 secs (its shite but heh!) behind the play in my experience. in realplayer, pause sound until you get the sound and images to match up! this can take a bit of time/practice but i do: wait for some defined action in game, e.g. corner and then play the sound. chinese images and english sound! wayhey!

to get the proper .ram file for realplayer you will need to go through a proxy server, based in the UK, in your browser to the 5live website and then you will also have to use the proxy server in realplayer while you listen to the game! google will be able to provide a list of ip's!

i'll try and write a detailed howto which you might want to post. Or butcher this as to your own experiences.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The noise at the Chelsea semi final came equally from every side of the ground, not just the Kop. Effectively there were four 'Kops' that night and on many other nights too . . . Roma, Barca, Olympiakos, Juve. The Chelsea game was without doubt the best though.

Have you seen this on YouTube?

Post it on your site for anyone who hasn't . . . it's fantastic.


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