Sunday, September 10, 2006


Reina hasn't been great since then, yeah. Really starting to doubt him now and we've got Dudek just sitting on the bench looking bored.

I wonder how long until Reina gets dropped? Wasn't Dudek dropped for much less?

So then:

- Only if Rafa had listened to me, the left side was so weak with Garcia and Aurelio. I breathed a sigh of relief when i saw that Arteta was on the Everton's left but when he switched to their right we just got battered.

- Carragher shouldn't have started, Agger should have. Carragher wasn't fit and Rafa showed he didn't trust Agger enough in this game which is a shame.

- Bellamy and Kuyt should have started up front, both of them are insanse fitness freaks and would have been fine after international games. Also both of them would have been really up for it. Fowler looked unfit and Crouch looked tired and neither had a great effect on the game.

- Alonso wasn't that bad, I think it was an improvement on his last few games actually.

- Garcia has nice new hair and cut inside alright but apart from that he showed just why he shouldn't be on the wings.

- Riise's ankle.

- Cahill pinning Alonso for the second goal was just rude. The w*nker with his sh*tty celebration.

- Poll missed 2 pens but apart from that his overall performance wasn't that bad as their were a lot of decisions to make. We should have had at least one.
[Match Review by Social Retard]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drop Reina?!? . . . are you stoned or something? Have a look at the stats for last season!!

Dudek was dropped because Rafa had bought a much better 'keeper . . . Reina.

Dudek never lost his place DESPITE gifting Man Utd 3 wins against us in three consecutive seasons.

Much everthing else that you said makes sense though.

Anonymous Dick Sid said...

bitter Kopite gobshite

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reina bueheheehehheheheh;]


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