Monday, September 18, 2006

Carra's Shinnies...

Calcio = Italian for Football (?)

Apparently, the shinpads were a gift from the dying Pope John Paul on his deathbed. His emmisary rang Carra and summoned him to the Vatican. Jamie was in the Blue Star Chippy on Queens Drive ordering a sausage dinner when he got the call. He told the Holy messenger that he was meant to be playing poker that night, but he jump an Easyjet instead.

Upon entering his holinesses bed chamber, the Pope handed the pads to Jamie and exclaimed, "You have come for me in my hour of need, the real JC graces his kingdom on earth, and by the way, who the fuck are Man United?"

With that, his eyes flickered and closed for the last time. Jamie refused the papalcy.


Also checkout Rafa's socks, a present from his kids. bless.


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