Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bring the f*ckers on!!

Fukin get in. What a fantastic draw. Absolutely f*cking cannot wait for this. The atmosphere at Anfield will be fu*king immense. Hold em at the Nou and we'll tonk em at home. Piece of piss.

If you're in the European Cup for an easy draw, then you shouldn't be in it. The point is to see your team match up against the best in Europe, and that's what we get. Fantastic draw. Rafa knows Barca inside out and he's regarded as a tactical genius in Spain, after masterminding Liverpool CL triumph.

Last year we were loving the fact we had Benfica. The season before we beat the champions of England and Italy on the way to the final. F*ck it. We are liverpool football club, Rafa will know them inside out, and they will not relish playing against us on a cold, rainy night at Anfield with our fans bringing the roof down with the noise. Imagine the finale: 97th minute, Redmen 1 up on aggregate, Barca pressing for the goal that would take them through..."It's Gudjonsen...oh fuckin hell how did it stay out!"

They must be regretting not winning the group. who do you think Barca would have wanted, us or Porto? They'd rather get us than a few other teams who were in the pot, but they won't be delighted. They won't want to play us at Anfield.

Ten reasons why its a fantastic draw.

1) I'd rather go out to a team like Barca than a team like Benfica.
2) Anfield will be buzzing.
3) We are better as underdogs.
4) Barca will suffer from going to Japan, as we did last year.
5) All the talk arounf the world for the next two months will be LFC v Barca, with everyone expecting Barca to win this tie. Remember Juve? Remember Chelsea? Remember AC Milan? Remember Chelsea and Man Utd in last years FA Cup?
6) Rafa, Xabi, Pepe & luis will be fired up for sure.
7) The players will raise their game for the occasion and not be complacent as we were against Benfica
Rafa knows Barca better than any other manager in the premiership. He's probably having a crafty w*nk over the tie as we speak.
9) Finnan will have Ronaldinho in his back pocket
10) If we get a 0-0, 1-1 or even a 2-1 we have a very good chance with the second leg at home. Barca will NOT like a cold day in liverpool with our fans!

There is no disgrace to going out of the champions league to a brilliant side that are steeped in European Cup history.

And Barcelona fans can take some consolation in that.


Anonymous kl said...

im not sure barca go to japan, that tournement is once every 2 years i think. Its kinda silly that its every 2 years, if it is

Anonymous Elia said...

^^^huh?...They just played in Japan and lost in the final.Two years in a row now the champion of Europe lose to a Brazilian

Anonymous Anonymous said...

not so sure bout finnan having ronnie in his bak pocket. o btw eto is bak by then

Anonymous ShazBo said...

I'm back mates. I know I haven't been on in a while I've working on the UEFA Champs League video game which ironically will not be coming to the PS3 even though Sony is a bloody sponsor of the Champs League.

First off Dan I totally agree it's going to be one hell of a match and Anfield is going to be electric! BUT I'm abit afraid to boost about Liverpool giving it to Barcelona because Barca is a damn good team. Sure they're not the 'Come Back Kings' like Liverpool but we need to win or keep a clean sheet for the first match. Because mate you know our 'road game' has been complete rubbish all year long.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

excellent post!


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