Thursday, December 07, 2006

FAO: All Football Fans ---- Action needed

There is a weekly talk show in the USA called Fox Football Fone in. One of the hosts is a Liverpool fan called Nick Geber. The other a Chelsea fan named Steven Cohen.

On the December 6th show, Steven Cohen accused Liverpool fans of "directly causing the worst two disasters in English football history." He went on to say that he's sick of Liverpool fans ramming their success down his throat and that "there's a disgusting side of Liverpool's history that I'll be happy to talk about."

Given McKenzie's recent outburst, this has been a sad week in the history of Hillsborough. This gobshite, on national television in the USA, "educated" everyone listening (and most yanks haven't a clue) that Liverpool fans "sordid past" was responsible for the happenings at Hillsborough.

This cockney prick needs to be taken off the air. No one should be allowed to do this and get away with it. Nick Geber by the way, was 100% supportive to LFC and basically told Cohen what a prick he was for his comments.

If you're interested in getting this clown off the air, please send your e mails to:

Here's a letter sent to Fox: (Don't copy it)

I am a Liverpool fan living in California.

Never have I seen such a disgusting display of television as I watched tonight.

Your host, Steven Cohen, ACCUSED Liverpool fans of a tragedy they DID NOT COMMIT!!!!!

My best friend was killed in the Hillsborough disaster on April 15th 1989. He was crushed to death as he tried to rescue another friend who also died that day. 96 Liverpool fans died in the worst TRAGEDY ever.

This scum named Steven Cohen (and I apologise for the derogoratory name, but nothing else quite fits), who clearly knows NOTHING about it, made a proclamation on National Television, that Liverpool fans were to blame for the death of their own fans. Every single enquiry into the tragedy proved that they WERE NOT.

Even though he pathetically tried to retract it later, (and failed) he made the accusation clearly and plainly early in the show.

In my view, someone capable of this should NOT BE PRESENTING on television and SHOULD BE FIRED FROM HIS JOB.

I have absolutely no doubt that you will be inundated with calls and e mails. Liverpool fans worldwide will find out about this via the internet and there will be uproar.

He says he's entitled to his opinion - so if he thinks Hitler was a good guy, or the Holocaust didn't ever happen, would he be able to give his opinion on it?




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a newcastle fan but can still see this prick needs to be sent to the glue factory. Ill be emailing my disgust also

Anonymous Anonymous said...

email sent! what a small minded ignorant prick lets hope the yanks take action.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

cheers fellas

the cunt needs to go.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

meh.... he's half right... or half wrong... still for 'footy' phone in shows thats pretty good.

Liverpool fans were the very unfortunate victims of bad policing and a tragic set of circumstances

Liverpool fans are responsible... i'll rephrase that... liverpool fans have never actually taken responsibilty for their part in the deaths of 39 Juve fans.

Blogger REDNY said...

I think that this is rediculous, but if you listen to their podcast "world soccer daily" you can see that he apologizes,

PS Great Blog, and I live in New York City, so it provides me with some insight

Blogger mcSey said...

That really don't cut mustard Dan. If Liverpool fans don't make the crush, Liverpool fans do not die. That the crush was understandable and probably avoidable might mitigate the fans responsibility, it doesn't make it not their fault. They don't rush, there is no crush.

OTOH if Juve supporters don't retreat, their is no Heysel either.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

cheers redny didn't know they'd apologised!


Heysel was a tragedy and I believe all liverpool fans would agree that yes, we were partly responsible. But there were other MAJOR contributing factors too, such as the shoddy state of the stadium (didn't liverpool ask for the game to be played elsewhere?), the belgian police, the way some liverpool fans had been assaulted after the lazio game before Heysel, they inadequate arrangement at the stadium etc.

I could go on mate but trust me on this, if those liverpool fans had any idea that 39 italians would die that now, they wouldn't have charged into the italian's side.

Also, if it was any other fans in our place that night, they would've ATLEAST charged towards the italians after having been pelted with bottles and stones from over the fence separating the two sides.


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