Thursday, February 22, 2007

Riise lifts the lid off bust up with Bellamy!

After scoring the winning goal for Liverpool against Barcelona tonight at the Nou Camp, John Arne Riise exclusively reveals what was said in the drunken Algarve row which had threatened to over-shadow the tie. Riise was speaking after a Craig Bellamy goal, followed by a golf swing celebration, and his second half right footed winner gave Liverpool the advantage is this vital Champions League 2nd Round tie.

"Well it was all a bit blow out of proportion." Revealed Riise, "The lads had been ripping me a bit about how my right foot was only for standing on for a few months now, especially after I'd shifted the ball to my left to try and hit the target, it was a bit of light hearted fun. Craig thought it would be funny for the bar staff at the restaurant we were eating at to show the DVD Rafa had made of my misses, I'll be honest, I didn't like it. Myself and Craig had a bit of a barney in the bar, I stamped on a wine glass to show frustration and a shard went into Craigs knee, that's why he has a plaster on it.

Anyway, Carra and Stevie calmed us both down and Carra took me back to the hotel for a nice hot cup of coco and naturally I fell asleep. I was awoken a couple of hours later by what seemed like a screaming banshee, but when I opened the door it was Craig with a golf club shouting

"If you ever get a f**king chance on your right f**king peg then you f**king use your f**king right peg, it's not just for standing on dickhead! If I ever see you shift the f**king ball onto your left I'll stick my f**king putter so far up your f**king arse it's be coming out of your mouth and I'll f**king use you to putt the f**king ball"

Looking back it was sound advice, it just didn't come out well because he was slurring his words, but it's quite funny that I took his advice tonight and it came off. It's a shame, I was looking forward to him shoving his putter up my arse!"

Liverpool take the advantage back to Anfield where it is expected the fans will be in full voice supporting the redmen and of course Bellamy and Riise.

Bully Shithousen reporting.

With thanks to WelshRed

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

any word on what really happened?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read it here: Super Sports Blog

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this what blogging is about ?
Stealing someone's atricle and posting it on a Scummy site like this ? Beneath contempt.

Blogger weenie said...

Dontcha just hate these dodgy people who hide behind anonymous posts???


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