Wednesday, May 23, 2007


And we're here again.

Nervous as f*ck as we wait for kickoff tonight. For whatever happens after kickoff, the only thing that will matter is that we are here tonight. And damn proud of it too.

Gannaro-scary-as-a-kitten-Gattuso has been mouthing a lot. Or maybe its words lost in translation, or the british media trying to spice things up a bit, but I'm sure once on the pitch, the one thing that will matter to both sides is not personal grievances, but that famous trophy.

Milan are hurting after 2005, oh they are hurting real bad.

They say they want revenge.

But so did Chelsea.

All it will take for Milan to disintegrate is one early goal and lets hope we can make it happen. Those tired old legs, running extra hard chasing the game from there on, won't last the whole 90 minutes against our mighty, mighty f*ckin reds.

The memories of 2005 are fresh and they know it will hurt even more this time if they aren't able to extract revenge. They'll make mistakes, they will panic. And that, hopefully, will bring Milan's downfall.

You'll Never Walk Alone

Steven Gerrard:

"We've shown on plenty of occasions, particularly in big cup finals, that no matter what the situation, we'll never give up. We'll have exactly the same attitude tonight.

"It gives you a lot of confidence when you look around the dressing room and see players who will perform on the biggest stage and can be matchwinners.

"We have lads who've played in World Cups, European Championships and massive Champions League games, so there's no sense of going into the unknown with us anymore. There are leaders all over the team.

"We also have a manager we know we can trust to prepare us in the right way. He proved it at Valencia and now at Liverpool that when it comes to the big occasions, he knows what we need to do to win. It's up to us after that.

"From a personal point of view, some of the finals have gone well for me. I'm realistic enough to know you can't produce those kinds of performance every time, but I'm going into it full of belief and I can promise I'll be doing everything I can to win it.

"People have paid a lot of money to see us perform, and the least all of us can do is give our all to make them happy. We all want the same thing, and it's an honour for us to have another chance to do what we did two years ago."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So bloody sad mate....!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought it was brilliant! Well done Milan

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inzaghi ? ahahahahah what a shame for reds...

Blogger Brun-u-ron said...

Fuck... you lost!
But benites was afraid of what??

Blogger KingSlayer said...

I think we put up a great fight. Milan did nothing except constantly foul Gerrard, Riise and Zenden. Right, bring em on again next year. I bet we win it again next year, especially with the new boys we hope to get. Cheer up, reds.

Blogger Anthony said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger mcSey said...

Analysis of the 07-08 campaign from one of my favorites.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're team lost, get over it, and get back to doing what you do best.

Blogger ToTaL_koPiTe said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

c'mon, write something else!

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Blogger bas kamal said...

you're team lost, get over it, and get back to doing what you do best.


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