Thursday, May 03, 2007

'You must be Strong!!!'

NOTE: The following report is from SKYNEWS, The S*N's parent company. We at do NOT encourage you to read this disgraceful publication run by c*nts - as not only is it full of shit, their front page coverage of Hillborough printed number of lies about the disaster, causing outrage and anger among not just the victims's families but also Liverpool's residents (and football fans all over the world). Read the bit about Hillsborough on*n

Liverpool hero Jose Reina feels his strength is helping him on his way to becoming a 'great' goalkeeper.

Reina's two saves in Tuesday's penalty shoot-out against Chelsea took Liverpool into a second UEFA Champions League final in three years.

His spot-kick prowess also helped The Reds to win last season's FA Cup final, although Reina puts his record down to 'luck'.

However, the Spaniard believes his mental toughness is playing a key role in establishing him as one of the game's top keepers.

"My penalty record is down to luck, but you have to like football too," said Reina in The S*n. (WTF)

"The more you watch games, the more information you learn. Ahead of the Chelsea game I didn't do too much different than I would normally do, but it is important to know what their players do at other moments.

"It depends always on the situation of the game. There are many things. But I won't say too much more because that is my secret.

"To be a great goalkeeper - and that is what I am trying to be - you must be f*cking strong. Excuse me for using that word.

"Your mistakes are magnified and, at a club like Liverpool, more so. Every one is seen as the end of the world and you have to be very strong mentally to ignore that.

"But throughout my career I have had to be strong. The start of this season was like that and when I had to leave Barcelona for Villarreal it was the same. I learned a lot from that experience." SkyNews

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

why are you quoting reina's comments from THE SUN (THE SCUM) we call it in liverpool and fans will not want need to point out what they printed 18 years ago. we don't buy it here let alone read it or quote from it?????

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

I actually got that from skynews (link provided) I know they're owned by the same bloke but the club's never had any issues with sky news, who pay millions towards the players' wages i believe. What I thought was more troubling was why would REINA be talking to the s*n?!?!! I thought there was a policy in place about this

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you are dead again


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