Monday, March 17, 2008

In olden times, sacrifices were made at the altar...

.. a practice that still continues.

PS. I'm gettin married this Saturday. Will be back by around Mid April - 'the blog' returns too.


Anonymous piniyini said...

Whoa! I never saw that one coming, guess a round of congratulations is in order. May the force be with you and all that malark.

Are the rumours I hear really true ... does she really look like Eva Mendes? Or did you go one better ...

And if you don't me asking where you getting married, Karachi, Dubai or somewhere else?

Best of luck to you Dan! (hope you don't need it)

Anonymous greg ralph said...

Just seen the post. Congrats.

Get this blog going again man!!! By far the best around

Anonymous Zag said...

You didn't had time to update before marriage and you are thinking you'll get time for it afterwards??? Boy are you in for a surprise ;)

Blogger Val said...

congrats congrats...!!

Blogger thedreco said...

Congratulations. Enjoy married life. And here come the kids...

Anonymous and then there were none said...


Anonymous and then there were none said...

hold on...this is supposed to be a "completely non personal blog from now on" from what i remember come the sudden leakage of personal info?

tsk. hah! i actually had fallen for that one too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations! :D

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

cheers for the congrats messages! the blog is alive once again! Wedding Photos will be up as soon as I work out how to password protect me posts. Watch this space!

Anonymous Zag said...

Congrats man, good to see you finding time after putting on the leash ;)

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Cheers zag! it aint easy but you gotta have your priorities right innit.


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